No. Title Author Publish Date
1 Notification of Award of Consultancy Contract for preparing feasibility study of Kas Umar Khan Canal System PMO Punjab Barrages March 16, 2017
2 External Monitoring Report (EMR) on Pakpattan Canal and Sulemanki Barrage Improvement Project (PCSBIP) Independent External Monitor November 01, 2016
3 Notification of Award for Contract JB/ICB-03/RTFM PMO Punjab Barrages July 04, 2016
4 Notification of Award for Contract JB/RTFM/NCB-04 PMO Punjab Barrages June 30, 2016
5 Environment Assessment Report on Degraded River Channels in Punjab (Rubber Dam) ACE, NESPak, SEMC Int'l March 04, 2016
6 Results of Bidding for Contract No. TPBIP/ICB-01 PMO Punjab Barrages December 07, 2015
7 Award of CSC for TPBIP PMO Punjab Barrages October 02, 2015
8 Results of Bidding for Contract No. PCSBIP/ICB-02 PMO Punjab Barrages May 22, 2014
9 DSS WRMIS Award of Contract PMO Punjab Barrages April 25, 2014
10 Award of CSC for PCSBIP PMO Punjab Barrages April 02, 2014
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